Setting virtual pin value via does not seem to retain values for superchart widget

Hi, I am introducing the data from my solar panel invertor into my blynk app on Android. Since I can not easily access this data with Blynk I use the automations from my Home Assistant (HA) (where this data is easily available) to update a Blynk virtual pin via the command blynk token)&V47=(HA value)”.
This works wonderwell when I show the value in a labeled value widget on the app and is updated after every call, but, when putting this value also in a superchart widget, I can only see the live dots appear one by one in real time (“live”), but there is no curve for the other categories 1h, 3h, 1d, 1w, … (“no data”). It seems that these datapoints are not stored?
I wonder if I am doing something wrong here?
Any suggestion always welcome.

Make sure that the data stream you are using for this value has “historical data” switch ON. In Template Settings

Problem solved.
Sorry Pavel to have bothered you with such a basic thing.