Setting READING RATE as in Blynk Legacy

Can I set the reading rate as in the Blynk legacy so that the widget will request new value from my board automatically?

No. The reading rate is hardcoded and is 5 seconds now and only for digital and analog pins.

So we can only use a timer on the board’s code to write data back to Blynk periodically, right?

Yes. You can also try automations.

I think you should modify the description on the App

Why, where is the mistake ?

If you read the rest of the topic you’ll see that reading rate is no longer an option and if you look at the widgets you’ll see that the option to select between Push and your choice of reading rate times is no longer available.

So Push is the default option and the documentation is outdated.


First, there’s no PUSH/Frequency Reading mode to select in the settings of Gauge widget.

Second, for virtual pins there’s no way for Blynk to request value from device periodically. We can only oush value back to Blynk as @Dmitriy said.

So the description for the widget on the App is outdated. Its the description of Blynk Legacy.

Yes you’re right. Don’t worry I guess they will fix everything soon.


Thanks @John93

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I doubt if reading rate will be re-introduced. It’s far better to push the data from the hardware using a timer. This also fits in better with the data invalidation functionality that has been introduced in IoT.


@PeteKnight I hope so.