Setting Heartbeat

I am testing my cellular usage on a Particle Electron with the Particle Sim and a couple of Third Party Sims that I have on hand because I am using so much data (4 button widgets, 2 virtual LEDS and Map widget) For now, I am testing with Blynk Blink and I hope to have some results to post later that someone way smarter then me can interpret. But for now I am confused by what I have read on setting the Heartbeat.

The documents explain that the hearbeat is set to 10s and in this post;

@Dmitriy explains how to change the default in BlynkConfig.h. When I go to the sketch builder and choose Blynk Blink I see;

 // Set Blynk hertbeat interval.
// Each heartbeat uses ~90 bytes of data.

I have also read where @vshymanskyy has explained that the heartbeat can be adjusted by trial and error
Expected Data usage for Hardware connection 'heartbeat' to blynk server? - #6 by vshymanskyy

So, I now understand that it is up to me to adjust the heartbeat to what works for my combination of hardware and software and that it can be done in the BlynkConfig.h file. Where I got confused is when I see the heartbeat defined as 60 in the sketch builder. Does this mean that do not have to adjust it in the BlynkConfig.h but rather just in one line of code in my sketch?

Thanks in advance