Set label in cyrillic

When I change widget properties like label and use cyrillic simbols then on my phone I see rhombus with ? inside.
Blynk.setProperty(V3, “label”, String(“строка”));


The library handles all strings as UTF8 Unicode. If you’re facing problems, try to print your message to the Serial and see if it works (the terminal should be set to UTF-8 encoding). If it doesn’t work, probably you should read about unicode support of your compiler.
If it works, but your message is truncated - you need to increase message length limit (all Unicode symbols consume at least twice the size of Latin symbols).

Yes, I read it.
I write my code in Arduino IDE (Windows 8) so as I think my string in unicode.
When I send a unicode string to Serial.print() it printed correct

Blynk Server and App both supports UTF-8. There is for sure something with your sketch. Please try this :

String s = "строка";
Blynk.setProperty(V3, "label", s);

Does that help?

Result the same. I set label on Blynk as “тест” press a Play button on app, then reboot my ESP8266
On terminal I can see:
[5268] <[13|00|03|00|0E]3[00]label[00]строка
but on my phone (Cat S60 Android 6) just a six rhombus

Seems like your message has wrong length. 0E means length that is 14. 1 (3) + 1 (separator) + 5 (label) + 1 (separator) + 6 (строка) == 14. While it should be +12 (строка) as unicode takes 2 bytes. So look like this is compiler issue.

@zveruga I never had such issue (and I’m on Ubuntu). Maybe try to save your files as UTF-8 in some editor? Maybe this will help?

I open file in HEX editor and it in UTF-8, строка has 12 byte length.
I solved the issue using a external editor in Arduino IDE and change file in Notepad++.
Now in terminal window I see [5283] <[13|00|03|00|12]3[00]label[00]строк
(I change string from строка to строк)
BUT on phone I see correct string.
BTW: Arduino IDE now show warning:
“esp.ino” содержит неизвестные символы. Если этот код был создан в более старой версии Arduino IDE, попробуйте использовать Инструменты -> Исправить кодировку и перезагрузить, чтобы преобразовать скетч в кодировку UTF-8. В случае неудачи потребуется удалить неизвестные символы вручную, чтобы избавиться от этого предупреждения.