Set a pass key on wake up app

Is it possible we set a pass code on wake up app when we open that?
So when i try to open app because i logged in before than it will open and start program but i say we have a pass to wake up app🤔

Sometimes i gone my phone so everybody can access to blynk app cause usually my family and friends know my phone lock code

If you trust them with your lock code you should be able to trust them to use Blynk. You know what to do if you don’t trust them.

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No need to reinvent to wheel… there is already an App (or a dozen ;)) for that.

Here is an example for Android…


@Costas thank you for your post but i mean this is not more important my friend know my pattern or phone lock code but this is so important that they dont have access to my home automation control and remote it. I think that Both of them are different.

Good idea.

@sh.abar.mard I understood your requirement but I wouldn’t let anybody have my phone unlock code unless I was happy to for them to control my home automation system.

It’s not Blynk / home automation I would be worried about it’s all the other stuff I have on my phone like email and bank access etc.

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Same here. Phone is very personal thing :wink:.