Servo motor (general how to do)

Im trying To a control servo motor connected To a arduino pins (13,12,11) as ( vcc,gnd,signal) for purpose to control speed and direction using virtuel joystick .the arduino is connected to laptop via usb usinage sketch (board usb serial), im trying but not success how can i fix ??

First off… go Google the words Servo, Arduino & Wiring and learn how to properly hook one up before you kill your Arduino board.

Then learn how to control it via the Servo Library: Servo - Arduino Reference

And then you can work on adding Blynk to the equation with something like this:

If it is a continuous rotation servo, then that gets even more interesting as then you need to learn how to map the Joystick Widget output via code into the proper range of values required to control speed and direction… sorry, no simple code for that available yet… that is for a later class :wink:

Thinks i ill try that

If you need any more help feel free to ask us or message us