Server sided date time assignment on virtualWrite

So I thought of something…
In regards to saving space and lines and lines of code on our beloved Esp8266 modules.

Could it be possible to make it so that any time you use Blynk.virtualWrite to a pin, that corresponding pin gets date and time stamp logged to its change event?

Then you can access this with variable formatting as you do with decimals /pin0.#/
But instead you can go /pin0.YYMMDD-HH:MM/
Or any combination there in which returns only the date. I think this will alleviate some pressure/size of our programs that we need to keep times on when pins were changed.

“Temperature: /pin0./ °C, /pin0.YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM/” would translate into
“Temperature: 24°C, 2017-01-03 15:45”

Isn’t time logging somehow already done and represented in the graph widget? Could be just that access to those timestamps are missing.

I’d love your thoughts

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