Server and Client on the same Raspberry PI device

Hey I red somewhere that you use server and client on the same Raspberry Pi device, just interested how is it working? Any issues, and would it be possible to do so on the Raspberry Pi Zero W device?

Currently I have the Pi Zero W running as a server and arduino as a client, would be cool to port the arduino client to the Pi Zero W (same as server).

Do you have a guide maybe, or is it not complicated at all?

P.S. Firstly I wanted to send you a private message but then i thought the information might be useful for others too.

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While awaiting @Lichtsignaal, here is some info and links.

Yes you can run both together on RPi Zero W… you could probably even go a step further and make it a Wireless Access Point for ESP clients as well (or Arduino’s with WiFi adapters)… I suppose you could even hook up the Arduino via the USB port? Try it and let us know.

USB Serial Lnk:

PRi Zero W as Server & AP: Setup PI ZERO W as ultra portable server and AP (tutorial)

As for guides… they (Server & Client) will be separate programs running in their own “threads” on the RPI, so simply install them individually as normal, but point the client’s “server IP” right back to the same IP of the device it is running on.

Install Server:

Install Client:

Hope this helps

I’ve stopped using it. It is entirely possible, but you have to run the scripts (think JavaScript) or your C program on the Pi. The type of Pi doesn’t really matter, but you have to make code running on it. C can be done, it’s probably most stable. But it would require extensive programming knowledge of some C-like language. JS is probably easier… since you don’t have to compile that but just run a script.

There are examples for the scripts in the Example Browser, top right of the screen :wink:

As @Gunner mentions, you can run it with a USB interface to an arduino (that is really easy with the script from the library).

Currenty my arduino connects via esp8266 to pi zero w and that is very stable atm. I only wanted to get rid of the arduino and have it instead directly on the pi zero w. It is not a must but if it is possible why not spend another 2-3 nights trying it hehe.

Thanks for the inputs guys!