Serial Monitor shows connected to Cloud, but App on Android shows device offline

i try, and my serial monitor shows that is connect to, but my apps in android shows me that my device is offline, always, so what can i do? and i am using wemosd1 compatible esp8266, i don’t know even if i choose a real board in app, because i am using esp 8266 or i might use wemos d1?plz help me guys,

It will not matter much what device you chose in the app, it is mostly for matching the available Analog and Digital pins shown in the Widgets to the style of hardware used. And if you only use virtual pins then it doesn’t matter at all.

Confirm that the auth code in the App is the same as in your sketch (you can only see the last 4 characters, but that should be enough to match).

thank you,
i really copy and paste the correct auth. meanwhile i created 2 device, and says" one of your device is offline" and abviously once i check, all devices said : are not yet online

can you paste the sketch you are using here, along with the output of the serial monitor?

Format it like this at the beginning and end of the sketch, otherwise it looks all stange on the forum.

ops! now it is done, it seems that i used dissimilar devices and board and authetication got wrong, so i correct it, thank you so much.

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BYTHWAY, i have a sipmle question, i do have a local server, so can i control my device when i am far from them,in different network ?

You will need to setup Port Forwarding in your router, and change the address in the App to the Public IP of your router.