Sending notifications to other members in organization

Is it possible to send notifications to the members of the organization? I understand sending notifications to the device owner but what about sending notifications to other members in the org as well.

Do you mean via automation? Yes, you can do it on web. On mobile not yet done.

Can also be done with events… I send notifications (from node red) to my own phone and to my wife’s Phone. You have to set this in events on the web consule.

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Thank you very much.

Dear all,
I failed to add members to my organization. they received the invitation email but the process for them is not clear: they have to provide their email and download the app.
After that, they execute the app:

  • login ask for password… they haven’t…
  • create an account answer that they have already been invited…

Moreover, even if it works (for my wife, I don’t understand how…), I can’t add them as recipient of event by email…