Sending measurments with timestamp once a day


Hy guys!

I need your help with my project, please!

I want to send several measurments with timestamp from one Pin once a day! It is neccessary for minimizing power consumption! My arduino get every hour the value save it in an array and should send theme once a day to my blynk server!

Is there any solution for this?


Check out the table widget.


I want to display the measure points in the supergraph! And for this, the table widget is not useful!


SuperChart takes real time signals… but you said you want to dump hours of info at once… Conflicting desires.


Ok, I think I confused you! :thinking:

I want to measure the temp every hour! Every day at 20:00 my Arduino should send the measurments to my local blynk server and should displayed them in a graph! Is this currently possible with blynk?


No, as @Gunner said:

There is no faceility to upload superchart data to the server in batch mode, it has to be done in real time. If you want one reading per hour in superchart then you’ll need to connect to the server once per hour and upload a reading in real time.

I’m not familiar with deep sleep options with the Arduino, only with an ESP8266.
With the ESP8266 when the device wakes-up from deep sleep it reboots itself, therefore losing any previous data. If the Arduino works in the same way then it would be very difficult to construct an array of 24 hours worth of data anyway.

Your best option is probably to connect to Wi-Fi every time you take a reading and send it directly to the Blynk server. You might find that using an API GET call to do this is quicker than going through the normal Blynk connect routine.

The other problem you might have is battery drain (I’m assuming this is a battery powered setup) caused by the voltage regulator that you’re using to power the Arduino and Ethernet shield or ESP-01 combination.



Thank you for your Input, Pete!