Sending data from SigFox to Blynk

This topic is still open. Someone can help me with this?
I am solving a project where GSM cannot be used. That’s why I try SigFor communication.
Using https: //
I’m sending data to https: // … that works great for me.
But I like the solution with Blynk more. Well, I can’t set the URL pattern correctly in Callback.
Custom payload config i have:

weight :: uint: 16 temp :: uint: 16 press :: uint: 16 humi :: uint: 16 batt :: uint: 16

How should the URL pattern be viewed?
I’ve tried everything. For example: token..../update/V1? token..../update/V1? token..../update/V1?=weight...

I think you’re probably experiencing the Geo DNS issue.
There are three Blynk cloud servers around the world, but your project only exists on one of them. This should be the one that’s geographically closest to you when you create your Blynk account.
When using the app or a device using Blynk.begin etc then some very clever DNS stuff happens to ensure that your system logs in to the correct cloud server wherever you happen to be in the world at the time.
However, the API calls can’t be handled in the same way, so an API call from your home PC may work, but the same call from a Sigfox/IFTTT/Thingspeak server somewhere else in the world may hit the wron server and get an ‘invalid Auth code’ message back (which you may not get to see).

The solution is to replace ‘’ with the IP address of the cloud server that holds your project. You can get this by pinging from your home PC.

Also, the format will depend on the method that you’re using. The syntax is different for GET and PUT.


Thanks Pete for the quick response
On another project I use a connection to the MQTT server “” and it works.
How do I use ping? Because the link doesn’t work.
Rather, I think I have a mistake in the URL in Callback

I assume you meant Blynk server rather than MQTT server?
As I explained, it depends on where in the world the API calls are being made from. What works from your home PC won’t necessarily work from a server in a different geolocation.

Google is your friend!

It wasn’t a link for you to follow, it was simply the forum turning the server URL into a hyperlink. You’ll understand when you google how to ping a URL.

Possibly, but until you eliminate the other issues then you’ll never get it working. As far as the callback payload is concerned the I think you’re on your own with that, as it’s doubtful that any of the users here will e able to help with that.

I guess the other solution is to use Node-Red as an interface between Blynk and Sigfox. That’s certainly the way that I’d go.


OK, I found out how to ping.
The IP address is
I enjoyed the IP and nothing changed.

I believe it can be done without Node-Red.
the error will be in the syntax{customData#wight}&...

what is the way to claud for example for virtual variable V1?
and how to assign a value?

As I said earlier, the syntax varies for GET and PUT methods.
GET is the most flexible (and despite its name can be used for both reading and writing values to Blynk), but you haven’t said which method you’re using.

Have you read the documentation:


I try PUT, GET and POST

I didn’t know about this documentation.
it will definitely help me :slight_smile:
great, thank you

using the same syntax
its not working"123"


I need value from
send to Blynk and thence to widget.

Where do I make a mistake?

Is the computer that is making this API call on your network, or is it a remote ever?


I do not know if I understood correctly.
No, this API makes the remote server
My project is built with ESP8266 and using WISOL SFM10R1 chip I send data to Backend.
This works. I do this because Wifi is not available. The device is in the forest.
Then I use this API to send this data to:
this also works well. But previewing the Thingspeak page on a mobile device is not correct. BLYNK is better in this.
That’s why I decided to use Blynk. I already use it on other projects where Wifi is available. There I am satisfied with the solution.
Now I bother with the fact that as data from SixFox Backend send to Blynk claud.
So far I do not use the local server Blynk because I solve only a prototype. If it works, it can also be used commercially.
I’m not experienced in this.
In addition, sorry for my English.

Okay, so it’s the Sigfox server that is making the API calls to the Blynk server, as I thought.

I needed to clarify this, because despite me explaining in great detail the Geo DNS issue in my first comment in this thread, you’re still using in your API calls. This made me think that I’d misunderstood what you were trying to achieve, but it seems instead that you’ve ignored my advice about using the IP address of the Blynk server where your project lives.


Excuse me.
Maybe we don’t understand, it’s also my English.
As I wrote, I used the IP address I found out through ping. But the situation is the same.
But now I look at the mystery! He didn’t do anything, and it works.{customData#weight}
but also{customData#weight}

now displays the value on the Widget measured value weight = 123
I don’t understand where I made a mistake, but it works :slight_smile:
Just how to send 5 variables with one Callback?

Thanks for help.