(Send multiple Web requests on IFTT ) Feels great. To be back please help me with this

I ak using blynk past 2 years works. Like charm with ifttt and amazon. Echo i would. Be glad i have a question i want to make multiple web req in ifttt ia that possible. On iftttt
Example. If i say alexa trigger. Home theatre. System
Lights are off fan are on
How can i send multiple web request on ifttt uaing amazon. Echo

Create IFTTT trigger for alexa to activate let’s say V1 then:

  if (param.asInt == 1){
  //home theater on
  //system on
  //lights off
  } else...

No no you are getting Me wrong i want to send multiple. web req not change Basic code i simply. Want to. Send multiple. Web req on ifttt maker channel not change code
How do i do that i mean Trigger d12 from project. That has auth token xx. D13. Which has auth token YY. WITH SAME ALEXA COMMANDS

Sorry, I don’t understand…