Send location

Is Blink allowed to send the locations to Arduino ?
Is there a feature to send the location and receive location ?

The mobile device running the Blynk app can send GPS coordinates to the Blynk server - and then on to a device like an Arduino.
The exact functionality will depend on the capabilities of your mobile device, and whether you’re using Android or iOS.

More details on using the sensors built-in to your mobile devices here:


Is this possible with the new Blynk IOT? Thanks Pete

No, but there’s a workaround. You can use a 3rd party app to send the phone’s GPS coordinates to the blynk server using blynk API.

Thanks John.

Do you know if this this will be implemented in future? What is the reason that this feature has disappeared in new Blynk?

I supose that something like this app for exaple:
It has an option for sending latitude and longitude to a Custom URL
Can you recomend some similar Android app?

Thanks in advance

I have no idea.

I would suggest using tasker or automate, I tried both of them and both works fine.