Send large data to Esp32?

Hello everyone

I don’t have much practice with blynk and I have been using similar platforms for some years (Losant, nodered, thingspeak, etc) , sometimes on local server other in remote. But blynk 2.0 really caught my attention. Seems to have almost everything I need for my projects, these are not commercial but are used in biology research projects and tend to justify the paid plan. In my main project I need to have an online platform with the historic of the last month of temperatures and other information and be able to extract it on csv, also I need to upload a new code now and then to update some feature, like PID parameters of probes calibrations. But theres this little thing that I haven’t figure out how to do remotely. In every experiment we run in the Lab, I need to give the Esp32 a set of informations at Start (duration of experiment, temperatures required and light periods), what I do at the momento is I prepare this txt file with about 500 characters where all this information is stored and give it to the Esp32 via an SD card. But is there a way to do this remotely? Is there a way within blynk to send a set of integers or strings to esp32 remotely? In the Esp32 I can easily parse any format of data I get, but can I receive it from blynk?
All I have seen is just slider values being sent to esp32, or pin toggles, but nothing with more than 50 bytes lets say.

Can anyone help me? I don’t ask for made solutions, opinions are good enough, I’ll do my digging after that.

Thank you and sorry for the long post.

Cheers, Luis Pereira.

The way you’d normally do this in Blynk would be to have a widget for each parameter (duration, temperatures etc) and set these in the app before pressing a button to begin the processing.

Personally, if you’re already familiar with Node-Red then I’d stick with that platform, possibly in combination with Blynk.


Thanks, that was the solution.
Blynk + Node-red solves it.