Send http requests to external server from Blynk

Good afternoon, I have a doubt to see if I can use blynk or not for this. From what I saw, the blynk runs on the phone and you can edit buttons that in turn trigger pins on the arduino or the rastpberry pi for example. my question is whether or not blync can send https commands to the rastberry pi, or for example if there is any way to send where the ip is the ip of the pi but it could be to any other server. I know that there is also HPP RESTfull Apis for blynk but I do not know how to send http commands other than current on real or virtual pins . Can anyone help? Thanks

There are some potential ways to do this, but I’m struggling to understand what the bigger picture is. If we understood what it is that this API achieves then we might be able to point you in the right direction.


Hi, thank you very much. I have an raspberry pi Connected to Smart shades with Bluetooth,and is running a web server. If i go to Any browser and Send http Commands like the example i give earlier, im able to open and close Shades or see shades battery status. So what i want to achieve is from my mobile , using blynk, create buttons to open or close shades , sending https commands

Okay, sound similar to something I have, but my persianas are controlled via 433MHz rather than BT.

The nicest long term solution is to add Node-Red to your Raspberry Pi and install the Blynk plug-in in Node-Red (and the Alexa plug-in too if you want voice control over the shades).
You can then send commands directly from Blynk to the Pi without doing it as an HTTP request.

Another approach is to add a device such as an ESP8266/NodeMCU to your home network and get that to send the commands to the Pi, when instructed to do that from the Blynk app.

A third option is to use the Blynk Webhook widget and trigger it via buttons in the app, but this is very messy (and I’m not sure if its actual do-able. You’d have to use different /pin/ tags in the http body to send the various commands, and then have a way to see the results. The more I think about this option the less I like it!