Send email to wrong address

In a ESP8266 program, I try to send email using :"", “Entrance door”, buf);

but i always receive email to the email address defined in the Account on the App

and the email address specified in the widget is always overwritten with the account email after a run.

Please explain

Hello. Could you please clarify - you always receive the email to the address from the email widget? Is that correct?

Hi, thank you for your answer.

when I register to Blynk I use “abc(at)xxx(dot)com”

in my code I use"", “Entrance door”, buf);

but I always receive mail at abc(at)xxx(dot)com

This is possible only in the case when Mail widget has an email provided within it settings. You need to erase TO field in the email widget.

Hi @Dmitriy, I don’t use the email widget, and only use the iOS version of the app with the Blynk cloud server, but the email widget does seem to behave strangely.
By default, the email address associated with my Blynk login is pre-populated in the widget when it’s added to a project.
If I edit this and click OK, then go back into the widget WITHOUT putting the project into run mode, the edited email address is shown.
However, as soon as I put the project into rum mode, then stop the project and go back into the email widget it has returned to my default email address.
The same happens when I remove the email address completely, it simply goes back to my default email address.
I haven’t done any tests to check which email address is used when the default has been edited/removed, but there is clearly a bit of a bug with the widget under iOS.

I’m using iOS Beta version 2.26.1 (2)


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I see. Thanks for the details. @Eugene could you please remove default value from the email widget?


Same as PeteKnight

I delete the TO field in the widget but after turning to the run mode, the default address is reloaded in the widget.

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@Dmitriy This is a server side issue. The address is not saved with update widget command.
To reproduce on Android relaunch the app.

@Dmitriy @Eugene,

I can confirm that this is an issue in Android. Even without relaunching the app, the address is not saved. Even if the email function is called from the hardware (nodeMCU in my case) immediately after changing the address in the app and before relaunching, the email goes to the account address, not the specified address.

Ok, thanks all. Problem is found and fixed. It is server side issue. I’ll do deployment in Monday.


@Dmitriy Thanks for your quick work. Do you have an estimate when this will be fixed for local servers?

The issue should be fixed now. Local server release is also available.


Thank you, I’ll try it as soon as possible.

@Dmitriy Thanks again for the great work. I see that the new server software has been released, but I don’t see a Java8 version which I need since I’m running my local server on a raspberry pi. Is Java 8 still supported by Blynk? The last two versions of the sever software haven’t included Java 8 files.


I also found the same issue and posted 7days+ earlier. The devices are not available with me right now. I’ll check it as soon as possible. Thanks Dmitriy for solving this issue.