Send ECG to blynk (Urgent)

Trying to send the output of the ECG to blynk but the output isn’t correct I use wi-fi esp32s if any one could help me with the code I will be very thankful

looks fine to me. You need to describe what you think is not working.

the output f the ecg on blynk isn’t correct this doesn’t give any data to doctor to decide based on it it should be some thing like that47574483_2123110787940803_3458101095992131584_n

Blynk’s SuperChart is not designed for medical grade accuracy… All SuperChart data is averaged based on differing granularities.


This has been referenced multiple times in this forum

so what are u saying is there is no way to make the output comes like what I need in my project?

What I am saying is do a little reading about this (links above) and come to your own conclusions.

ok, Thank you for help I’ll read what is written in the link above and if I still have some wondering I’ll ask once again

You could store the data local on a memory chip and then dump the data to the server every 1 or 2 seconds. it would be delayed but have full resolution.

Dear Mohammed, I have the same problem did you find a solution