Send device update

Hello, is there a way to send an update to the devices, knowing that I do not use blynkedgent
Or is this feature coming soon?

Do you mean updated firmware?

If so, and the device is on the same network then you can use Arduino OTA.


I have sold several devices and I want to make some modifications to the code every once in a while. I want to update the devices without going to the device and uploading an update via USB. I want to use BlynkAir, but I do not use BlynkEdgent. Is this possible?

No, the Blynk.Air handler routines are part of the Edgent sketch.


Will BlynkAir be added to the traditional drawing in the future

I have no idea, but unless you put the OTA/Blynk air code on your devices BEFORE they are sent out then there is no way to update them anyway.

You could look at HTTP OTA as an alternative for future use.


I think you should try this :

Keep in your mind that this method works only locally, your pc and device must be connected to the same network.

Thank you

Your welcome