Send data from google sheet to datastreem

hello. i am curious to know that is there any way that we can change multiple data stream by google sheet . i.e i want to read data from google sheet to a virtual pin.
thanks in advance for valuable advice.

I guess it might be possible using the Webhook functionality, or via an API call to Google sheets.
It might also be possible (maybe simpler) using IFTTT.

I don’t really know enough about the current Google sheets integration restrictions to know if this is do-able.


thank you sir for your response can you give me some details about how to do that via IFTT . i want to show some values on blynk and that value should have to be change from google sheet/ IFTT or any other … for example i am updatibg some data on google sheet of water quality and i want it to change the respective data stream on blynk

If you do a search then there are a few posts about how to use IFTTT with Blynk, but most of these are for Legacy Blynk.
The new Blynk REST API is documented here, and take care to read the Troubleshooting section to u der sad how to use the regional subdomain for your server rather than using the IP address of the server as you did with Legacy…