Send cell phone signal to my arduino hardware

I am working on an arduino project and need to use my Blynk app to control it. This application I’m making needs my phone to send it’s cellular signal strength to my Blynk cloud service about every 5 minutes. It’s there a way to get this db or RSSI data from my phone and into the Blynk app, to send it on to my arduino hardware? I currently have an iPhone, which is a little more locked down I know, but if it’s something that can only be done using an android phone, I would consider purchasing an old one just for this project.

The Blynk app can’t do this.
It may be possible to install a 3rd party app on Android that can capture this data and upload it to the Blynk server via the API, but as I’m primarily an iOS user that’s not something I know much about.


Thanks. I’m totally an iPhone user, too, and not even sure where to begin with an android device. Would you have a recommendation as to a forum that might know how to do this - get phone signal reading from an android device and post it on a cloud sever somewhere where Blynk could access it?

you wouldn’t…

you’d post it directly to the Blynk server using tge API.

As for the rest of your question, I have no idea, but you could try searching the Play Store (Android App Store) for automation apps.