Selectable/editable local server configs from App

@Eugene @Dmitriy hi guys

just an idea given I spend a fair bit of time during development stages switching between different local server configs in the App and I need to log out and re-enter everything. It would be really nice to save them in a table or dropdown list in the App login area - so I can quickly select or edit appropriate blynk local server before login. At the moment its very labor intensive exercise.

What do others think in the community ?

Didn’t’ you ask something similar to this before?

Found it - IOS & Android App : not erase custom blynk server settings

I still agree, it would be nice to have quick swap options for a few IP (and even password) options… for those times when toggling between Cloud and multiple Local Servers - I have done that… and it is a pain, I usually end up using multiple phones :frowning:

Local server features are on the bottom of the priority list, as this is fully free option. Sorry.

I thought so - but at least its on a priority list :wink:

@Gunner - yes I asked for the option to remember the last local server config which was done, and that is excellent.
I guess I’m asking a for a little more flexibility :wink: