Second App Blynk user

Hi everyone, I have a project on my Blynk App, some time ago I shared it with my girlfriend on her phone, for some time my project has not been seen on my girlfriend’s phone.
Some time ago I had downloaded it by scanning the QR code, now I can’t find the QR code on my phone anymore. you can help me?
How can I see my project on another phone app?
I have a Maker contract

Sharing projects via a QR code was something that could be done in Blynk Legacy.
Blynk Legacy is now finished (unless you are running a Legacy local server).

Are you using Blynk IoT?
If so, what type of subscription do you have (free/Plus/Pro)?
How is your girlfriend set-up as a users within Blynk IoT?
Have you transferred the ownership of the device to your girlfriend in Blynk IoT?


Hi Pete and thanks, I’m using Blynk 2.0 I’ll send you screenshot of, I have a Maker subscription. my girlfriend is USER.
I hope I have answered all the questions and I hope you can help me.

not really…

Your screenshot seems to show that the device is owned by you. You need to transfer ownership to your girlfriend if you want her to be able to see and control it. As Admin you will still be able to see, control and administer it (and take back ownership if needed).


Thanks, I looked but couldn’t find how to transfer ownership

Web console > Device > three dots > transfer


Thanks! Pete