Schedule an event with date, month and year

Good evening everyone!
i am new to the blynk community.
I would like to ask you one thing: with arduino UNO and an AZdelivery ethernet shield there is the possibility of being able to program, for example, a lighting of a led, connected to a certain arduino real pin on a certain date, month and year with use of the Blynk application?
If so, how could this be done for example?
For now I have only seen that with the “eventor” widget you can only program consecutive events and not with a specific date, month and year.

Thanks for your attention

I’m assuming that you want to input the time, date, month & year via the Blynk app?


Good evening Mr. Pete,
Thank you for answering me. Yes exactly, from the Blynk app set an event, such as turning on a LED by setting the time, date, month and year.

Forget about Eventor, you would really need to do this in the sketch you run on the Uno.

You would need to add input widgets (maybe in the form of numeric input widgets, or menu widgets - depending on your preference) and process this data on the Uno.
You’d probably use the RTC widget and the Time library to handle the calculation of when the LED should be activated/deactivated, and use a BlynkTimer to check if that time has been met and take the appropriate on/off action.

The less selection criteria you can remove (do you really need year for example) the easier the coding will be.

TBH, if these events are infrequent - such as a couple of birthdays throughout the year - then you’d be better-off hard coding the dates/times in your sketch.


ok, now I understand and it’s all clear.
I should basically use other widgets, already existing that offers the right app?
if I understand correctly to program a type of event as requested by me you should always intervene on the sketch to make the comparison right?
In particular module should you still use an rtc shield for this?
Thank you very much for your availability and promptness in answering me.

Yes, the logic processing is done in the sketch, the app is the method of inputting the data for the sketch to use.

No. you wouldn’t use a hardware RTC, you’d use the RTC widget to get the correct time within the sketch, from the Blynk server.


Good evening Pete!
OK! I understood it.
Thank you for the replies. now it’s clear to me.