Saving input settings

I have created a dashboard that connects to a pressure sensor and a servo controlled needle valve.
This needle valve should be adjusted automatically according to the set pressure points that were input by the user.
As there are different “pressure injector profiles” required for this tool, is it possible to save the data that user inputs as different profiles and recall them later per requirement? basically I want to let the user choose a profile from these:
Profile 1:
pressure point 1: 2 bar, 5 sec
pressure point 2: 6 bar, 15 sec
pressure point 3: 7 bar, 30 sec

Profile 2:
pressure point 1: 1 bar, 10 sec
pressure point 2: 9 bar, 15 sec
pressure point 3: 10 bar, 30 sec

and more.

Is there a way to do this?

Simple way i can think of is :-

You can have a numeric input widget and a button.

If the values don’t change much and are pretty much fixed for long time, then you can store the values on SPIFFS or EEPROM or Even recall the values from Blynk cloud server in the event of reboot. Incase if there are internet issues then i would suggest you to store the values on the device itself and load the same after reboot.

Now you can setup the widgets this way:

One button and 6 numeric values input widget.
Button for selecting the profile and numeric value input for setting the 3 pressure points and 3 durations.

Make two copies of the same as you have two profiles.

When ever you press button one the device loads profile one and profile two when pressed button two.