Save/reload blynk project

I am about to reinstall my smartphone. Can I save the project so I don’t have to add the widgets manually after the installation? Or will it work automatically if I move the project from the phone to the SD card?

@Magnus I would always be nervous of losing a detailed project but my understanding is that it is all based on your login details. So if you have to start afresh as long as you know your login details for the app (not for the Community site as they are different credentials) then any projects you have created should just appear on your new system.

As a precaution for detailed projects I would do 2 things before wiping my smartphone:

  1. in a web browser and save the text. All this does is give you all the details for your project and it would still mean manually recreating the project from the details in the text file. At least you have all the project details and at some point it might be possible for the nice Blynk guys to simply take the text file (json) and upload it to a server if there was a major system failure.

  2. Clone your project and test the clone. Cloning gives you a url (for use on Smartphones) and a QR code for your project. If you retain the url and QR code you have a copy of your project you can restore to a new system.

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@Magnus Project is saved on server. So you don’t need to worry here.