Save datastream server sends to device

we are using Blynk for research projects, where we acquire and save data from sensors, with an Arduino MKR1000 - works like a charm. However, I also need to save the test side conditions, which I send from the server to my device. These datastreams are NOT saved. Is there any solution on that / can this feature be added to the functions? I would like to avoid to use a datastream just to send back to the server a variable to have it saved - as typically I use a lot of them. Also strings are not saved - this I found within the forum, however, that could be very useful as well (with a limited number of bytes for sure).


  • we measure flow rate - sent by Arduino to server → saved as RAW in csv, OK
  • we set a temperature change rate as input condition - sent by server to Arduino → NOT SAVED in csv.

Thanks a lot in advance!