Safety Switch - Double Press Switch - Confirm Action Switch

I’d like a switch/button that requires two steps to activate/deactivate. In the real world, it would work similar to the toggle switches that have a cover over them.Flip up the cover, then toggle the switch.

In Blynk it could be a double click action or a pop up message that makes you confirm your action.

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Hi… with a little programming in the arduino you could make a normal button widget as doubleclick or as i did some time ago a “long press button” .

I havent used the code for a long wile so it may need to be revised due changes to blynk. But it should work nicely. Or I can help if you want that solution.

That’s great. Thanks for the suggestion and sample code. I’ll put that to good use now and maybe a pretty 2-step widget will replace it at some point. Have a great day!

You’re welcome. Just write or PM if you got any questions :slight_smile:

And please let us know when the rocket will be launched!!! :grinning: