Running Blynk Server on own Cloud

I’ve made my own local Blynk Server on Windows recently which works without problem, but now I would like to run it on a Cloud. I don’t have much experience with Servers, so some help would be appreciated.

Not much info here…

Is the Cloud server also Windows, for starters? Or is it some Linux?

The server is Windows.

Well, if you run it local on Windows… should be the same on the cloud, right?

So I can run the Java File on the Cloud and It’ll keep the server running?

If you take precautions and install it as a service, yes. There are plenty of guides out there how to make a custom service. That way you can restart it if it fails, and so on.

Thank you for your reply, I will get the server and try it out.

Cloud Server is up and running, thanks again for your help. :grinning:


Hi ZeroBlynk, could you please tell us progress to make your own cloud server to run Blynk? I had a lot of searching and only get frustated

You wont find a step by step instruction online since it depends on your Cloud service and it’s System (Windows, Linux, …). In my case I just set the Cloud up as a Windows Server and installed the local Blynk Server on there.

Thanks for your reply. One more question, after installing the local Blynk server on the Cloud Server, how to connect it to our project?

The same way you would connect to a standard local Server. You need to get the IP of your Server and enter it in the app. Also make sure the Firewall of your Server isn’t blocking the connection.

Thankyou! I’m gonna try it soon.