RTC Widget

I am going through the example to get the time from the Blynk server, but I cannot find an RTC widget on the IOS app, just updated this morning.

  1. Is a Widget required (or not, like the BRIDGE wiget)
  2. if not, how do I get the time without a Virtual Pin assigned, or how do I assign the virtual pin ?


RTC is currenly only available from local servers not the Blynk cloud server. The Blynk team are working on making it available to the cloud.

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Actually, it needs a widget, and it’s not yet available in the App.
Will be released based on priority list (voting)!


How does the timer widget know the right time on local server? If I have a widget set to switch on from noon to midnight, do I need to include some kind of RTC code or is the blynk local server code grabbing the time from my raspberry pi?

@zeeko short answer - no.

Timer takes your (phone) timezone and operates with Server UTC time (either local, either Blynk).

I need this, please =(

I can’t find a logical reason to put a widget of RTC. RTC as commonly understood is separate IC or builtin part of MCU, currently many of them have it. You can sync RTC using NTP. Unless Blynk team is bored and has nothing to do, probably it’s better to implement different solution, have a look under link:


You can now use RTC widget, in the latest library and App