RTC & Notification Icons


I am using the notifications and RTC widgets on my project, those two appear as unclickable(untapable) icons. My client wishes those two to be invisible on the published app, is that possible?

You are on the free channel, please ask Blynk staff :thinking:

As @Blynk_Coeur says, this forum is the support channel for the free version of the app.
Commercial support is available over at blynk.io
When you sign-up for a commercial version of the app then I think you’re assigned an account manager who will discuss your customisation requirements and assist with getting your client up and running.

@Pavel one for you?



Well, it’s still not commercial just yet. I would like to know how it would look like if it “became:” a published app. Anyways, I’ve sent a message through the help section of the blynk website, I hope to get an answer soon. Thank you for your time.

But why is it so important to hide them?
webhook and RTC hidden at the invisible bottom of my desk

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