RTC hardware returning proper time

In my project, I’m using the rtc widget and updating it using the blynk.sendinternal(“rtc”, “send”) call. This seems to update the software RTC. now() returns the right epoch number. However, time call seems to read the hardware RTC and returns 8am 1/1/1970 every time. I tried including the DS1370 library but that was not found.

This is not a show stopper. However, would like to know how the hardware RTC can also be updated.

You mean the DS1307 :wink:

It is out there (Time Library), if you don’t have it you may have to download and install it in your IDE

Setting this hardware RTC chip is not a Blynk related issue… Start here and follow the Update: links as needed


I’ll go through this. When I search my Mac for time.h, there are 3 such files. When I read one, it shows breakTime() instead of local time(). When I use breakTime, it says not defined while local time works. I’m not sure how and where the IDE picks up the header files and associated cpp files from. Adding one more for the RTC, adds another variable in the mix. I don’t know which header and footer file it would work with.

Not being a programmer, this is challenging. I’ll get there some day to feel confident enough to put that in. Like I said it is not a showstopper as now() reads from the software rtc.