Rpi zergba

Did anyone make a project where they control an rgb led strip with the ZERGBA widget from a rpi ?
Let me know !

What have you tried so far? there are plenty of examples just a search away.

Are you sure ? Ive been looking for quite some time and i find plenty of people doing it with arduino’s en such but non with Raspberry pi’s.

You should try google: https://www.google.co.nz/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=ws2811+raspberry+pi+2&*

Loads of results including an Adafruit tutorial.

Once you have the LED strip working without Blynk, then pop back here and have a go at porting it.
Personally I have no experience with the rPi… but I know Blynk and it shouldn’t be too hard.

already have it working without blynk,thats why i asked.

I also have it working with blynk but only with digital pins,so that limits me to 7 colors.But i want to be able to use the ZERBGA widget

Il probably try to do this with an ESP8266 when they get delivered, seems to be much more practical.

You’d be correct. I’ve done a project you can borrow if you like .

Cheers, nice dog btw.

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Unfortunately it is not nearly as easy as with the Arduino/ESP type boards. Much higher learning curve as there are currently two ways of running Blynk on the RPi; NODE and wiringPi. Both work, sorta, but have limited operational documentation and examples. I would say that fairly solid experience with Java and/or C++ running in a Linux shell (my best way of explaining it) is a must to figure out the rest.

It pains me to see my RPi and other linux boards set aside due my limited knowledge on how to use them… but yes, an ESP board seems to be the way to go right now.

Here is a link of some ZeRGBa code I worked out for running both external and widget RGB LEDs You might be able to port it over to RPi running wiringPi??

Hi, so i got my ESP8266 but the site where you get the ESP8266 board support for Arduino IDE is offline.Could you maybe upload the file if you still have it ? Thanks