Router or AP for Blynk?

I want to build my own home automation system with Blynk.
I`m using one WIFI at home for all devices like smartphones, notebooks, tv etc

I`m thinking what is recommend network solutions for Blynk?
Should I add a new router, connect to my modem and set up new separate Wifi only for Blynk? Use a AP and connect to my existing modem via Ethernet and set up Wifi?

I like to make some kind of separation Blynk from my own private devices. I think about QoS function for Blynk, is requied? I mean make sure some % of Internet bandwith only for Blynk


Personally, I use the same network for my ESP devices and my other WiFi networking.
This has an advantage when it comes to OTA updates, as you need to have your PC and the device you’re updating on the same network.

I use static IPs on my ESPs, so I can keep them in their own bit of the IP address range. This isn’t essential, but I’m a bit OCD that way.

I also have multiple wired wireless access points around the house that ensure I have a good signal in the whole house and garden. This is more for the benefit of my other devices than for the ESPs though. All of my WAPs use the same SSID and password, but are strategically configured with their channel settings so as not to interfere with each other.

I’ve never needed to do any QoS shaping. Blynk has a fairly frequent exchange of traffic with the server, but the data packets are very small.



Ok, Thanky You for your replay.

I think static IP is a good idea.
If is working fine, I don`t need to take care to much about network. I will just make a separate network only for Blynk.

Thank You.