Roller Shutter Control

It is rather what I can not find in the Controllers:

A control for exterior roller shutter that can then be automated using a light sensor.

It is a specific set of 3 buttons:
Up arrow
down arrow

In addition to an analog proportional control for control based on %, dimmer type, or picker wheel…

It’s not very hard to make. It’s just three buttons. I control lights using a lightsensor, so that’s very doable and the buttons shouldn’t be much harder.

But the arrow buttons I think are a good idea, but that’s more of a userinterface thingie than a specific function.

You can use arrow emoji on the buttons



You can use emojis from keyboards.
Like this


Is there a list of available emojis somewhere?

Download any keyboard from play store which contains no. Of emojis.


This is a example I am using now from EasyIoT controller