Robotdyn Mega2586 + ESPEN8266 Issue with ESP firmware

Guys, i’m in a truble to instal the firmware to my ESP8266 work like a AT.
I’m following this steps Robotdyn uno+wifi and when I click on start, this messege appears:

Someone can helpe me?
I really don’t know what is happening =(

It looks like you don’t have a file where something needs that file to be… but as I already stated in that referenced post - This is not a Blynk specific issue… The information is available for reading, both in that post and on the internet, so there is no need to further troubleshoot that boards hardware issues in this forum.

I found my mistake.

I needed to put the switch:
1,2,3,4, 8 - OFF
5,6,7 - ON
and RXD -TXD on 3

Downloaded the firmware.

After this, just put it on 5 and 6 to test.

and worked :smiley:

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