RFID Attendance data report

Is it possible to make attendance data report using Node mcu/ Arduino + RFID system and blynk report?
Any Idea?

Thank you

RFID can be a little tricky with Blynk, as most RFID libraries expect to have code running in the void loop waiting for a card/tag to be presented to the reader. However, if you’re smart about how you do this then it’s possible - but it depends to a certain extent on the type of reader you’re using and the choice of libraries that support that reader.

As far as attendance records are concerned, then it also depends what you are trying to achieve. If you want to populated a database with details of clock-in/out times for individuals, know who is in the building at any one time, see a history for each individual etc then Blynk probably isn’t the way to go.


Thank you Pete

Okay, that’s a commercial application and the use of the free version of Blynk for this is not allowed.
You should contact the guys over at Blynk.io and discuss your requirements. I believe that all new commercial projects are now being built with Blynk 2.0, so there is little point in trying to prototype the project in the free version of Blynk as there is very little in common between the two systems.


Believe me, there are so many differences between the current free version of Blynk and the new Blynk 2.0 product that a prototype will not prove anything.


Ok thank you. Will try Blynk 2.0 :+1: