Revert to older App Version (Android)

… return to a previous version app. Android… is it possible?

Only if you can find the .APK on someone’s website… they are out there. But it may take time to find the version you want… and there is always the possibility of malware.

@gionni if you have a GitHub account perhaps you can start an archive of old apk’s for Blynkers.

I found this site… USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Why do you need this?

Why are Nokia phones being reintroduced @Dmitriy? Maybe some people like the old stuff.

I’m a little surprised Google Play Store doesn’t have an archive available to the public.

I get that, but there is only a lot of new stuff added, old stuff didn’t really change did it ?
Except maybe code wise ?

as some developers are patching and update apps to close some vulnerabilities in the old version - not always to add amazing features as the case in blynk -and going back to these versions will keep you exposed to smart hackers in the wild.