Retrieve User Config File From Blynk Cloud Account

Hi all guys :rofl:.

Is there a way to retrieve the user config file from Blynk Cloud? I try to explain better my problem.

I started my project using Arduino Mega + Ethernet Shield W5100 and I run project using Blynk Server. Then I create a Local Blynk Server but I needed to create a new account.

This new account has config stored in this file:

Is there a way to fill this file with the same config that has my Cloud Account ?

I need it because I dont want to copy again all my widget and all their properties.

Thanks in advance.

you rather need to clone the projects in your cloud account then “import” them to your local user account. it is that simple. no need for file config.

Thank you so much @wanek. It was so simple. The solution was under my eyes but i completely ignore it. Thank you!!

This can be marked as solved. Bye:rofl:

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