Retrieval of Blynk data

Hii all. I am working on a few sensor values obtained from DHT 11 and MQ 135 sensors and can see the readings obtained from virtual pins on my android through the Blynk cloud. But how can I record or store the set of data for a certain interval of time in Blynk app when my microcontroller will be powered on? I need to retrieve the values obtained preferably in csv file format. Help guys.

Courtesy of those pesky documentation pages that was recommended you read before posting :stuck_out_tongue:

SuperChart and CSV export… from there you can analyze the data however you want.


@Gunner and new reporting widget. Those menu will be removed soon.

Thanks for your reply @Gunner but in the excel sheet apart from physical values abnormally large metric values such as 1.25E+12 are also getting printed. Way out?

In reports you can choose any format you need.

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Hey, really well done! :star_struck: Now the (MY) problem is: I’m not using device tiles…

@marvin7 this is fixed and will be available in the next update.

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Oh right… I am not a tile user, my attempts so far have left me unimpressed, so I was unfamiliar with that new reporting option.