Restore a prototype to the mobile app?

I have an existing device set up working perfectly. I tried to add a second via the quickstart device from the mobile app, but it somehow messed up the mobile app console of my first device which is mission critical. I deleted everything related to the second device. Now my first device is no longer visible from the mobile app? It’s there in the web console working fine, but when I go to the mobile app it says “No devices yet - add a new device”. There’s a developer mode tab in the mobile app where I can see the “prototype” of my functioning device, but I cant seem to add or activate it.

Does anyone know how to restore a prototype device to the mobile app?

If you created a second device from from the same template would have had the same mobile (and web) dashboard layout that you created for your first device. This is because all devices that use the same template have the same dashboard layout, but the values displayed in that dashboard are the ones that relate to the device being viewed at the time.

If you opened your second device and deleted all of the widgets from its dashboard then you were also deleting them from the dashboard of your first device, because they were based on the same template.

Do you think that this is what you’ve done?


Thank you for your reply. I’m not sure if I’ve done that? I just went to the mobile app and clicked add a new device → quickstart device. The new device showed up as a different template on the web app, but as I mentioned it messed up the virtual pins on the original device of the mobile app. After deleting the new device (mobile and web), I still have the web app from the original device which is connected to the device. I can see all the virtual pins of the original device as a prototype in developer mode of the mobile app, I just cant add it as a device on the mobile app.

I guess some some screenshots of the template and device screens in the web console, and the screens you’re referring to in the app might help the guys at Blynk understand the situation better.


Problem solved - I just had to power cycle the device. After switching it on and off, the mobile app recognised it again as a device. That seems like an obvious thing to do but I had to call someone in another country and get them to switch the water heater on and off. Thanks again for you help.