Restful API

Hi blynkers,

I was wondering if it is possible to create a Restful API in order to control Devices via a Webserver. It it somehow possible to use the “App Client” to send commands ?



you mean without Blynk app?

yes, i would like to create a WebInterface which can send commands to an Arduino via the “App Client” or similar.

my goal is to create a web page through which all my colleagues in my office can just click a button to open the doors.

For that case, you could share same account among many people and get same result (within Blynk App I mean)

Hey @steve , we don’t provide RESTful API directly yet.
However, we’re planning to add this in future (and possibly, MQTT).

There are possible ways to workaround it even on this stage, but they are rather complex.
I must say, that REST won’t be even nearly as efficient as what we have now, as it will produce tons of TCP connections and HTTP requests. So it isn’t seen as the main way to work with Blynk, just an additional possibility.

Hi Dmitriy,

This is a nice workaround. However, is there a way to save the app where if you share the app with co-workers or friends, they are not able to edit settings of the widgets etc.,?



Hi @StephR, right now there is no such possibility. But it is often requested feature… So I think it will be implemented… But only after all widgets are done.

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Quite old topic but, is it the API available nowadays?

just google blynk api

So, only possible to put data in blink but not possible to get it from somewhere else?

Incorrect you can pull it in from thousands of sites.

If I were you I would totally disregard any thread over 3 months old as Blynk and iOT is changing fast. Start a new thread on a subject that doesn’t have recent posts.

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