RESTask + tasker + raspbery pie

Is there any way to control the GPIO pins with RESTASK app on raspberypie.
I would like to execute blynk buttons with NFC tags but dont know how to triger the GPIOs.

Ok. I managed to get it working. Pins numbers correspond to gpio numbers. But have another problem. The app triggers the gpio like switch. I would like to togle as a push button.

Then you have to send the command twice, first set for HIGH second set for LOW

OK. Thank you its working. One more thing. Is there any way to set a delay for the second command so the pin remains open for more time?

I don’t know how you are coding anything, so can’t say how… but yes, you could use a timeout timer to process the LOW command after X many milliseconds.

For this task i dint do any coding. I just set the RESTtask app and tasker to toggle the command. The commands are executed ok. I would like just a litle more time betwen them. value (0) value (1)

Oh, ok… Then that is a tasker question, not Blynk or BlynkTimer specific.

OK. Thank you. You are right. I figured it out.

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