Restart ESP every 24 hours?

Hi friends. is that any way to restart the nodemcu every 24 hours ?

ESP.restart() function every 24 hours…:wink:

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does it automatically reset every 24 hours ? or need to add timeout option in sketch ?

Another way of saying it, which was implied :stuck_out_tongue: was run the command ESP.restart() (which when Googling how to restart an ESP from code would have been the answer) in whatever method works best to restart your device every 24 hours.

Timeout timer; RTC; Timer Widget; Time Input widget; You watching the clock and pressing a button :clock1: :radio_button: :wink:

PS. After flashing your code, do a manual reset so that the next time the restart command is run, it should not have any lockup problems… This tip also discovered with a little Googling

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