Requesting assistance with Webhook

Hi, I’m very new to blynk - just finding my feet. I’m trying to figure out how to use the webhook and getting a bit lost in all the documentation.

My sketch and data from my arduino is all working fine (so far!) but I have a very simple wish to add a temperature from an external API to the android app. The data doesn’t need to be passed back to the arduino. The API has a straight URL from an old iobridge device I have. (id string obfuscated)

The iobridge link obviously goes in the URL line. I set the output to V3 and have a value display tile for V3 on the phone. Method is GET. However I’m lost on the concept of “use /pin/ to insert data” in the body field.

The URL woks if I type it in manually to a browser.

Do I actually need anything in the body field?

Could someone give me some baby steps on this?

Thanks, Dylan.

You posted your question in an old topic and much has changed in the last few months. I have moved your question to a new topic.

Have you done any searches here for Webhook? There is another recent request that sounds similar? (sorry, I’m not a current webhook user)… but you might get some info from it?

Thanks Gunner,

not sure if my question got lost in the move

Its really dead simple - just want to read data from an external API on my smartphone - that’s it.

if you use this string and replace the xxx’s with QNCoDCHxMVO3 you’ll get a temperature in Celsius.

How do I fill in the fields in webhook to get that to display on my blynk app?

I might need to use that temperature in the sketch in the future but not yet. Do I need to add anything to my sketch to get the temperature to display on the webhook widget?

So far the widget displays nothing! Do I need to be using plain text or json option?

Thanks for any assistance.

Well. Webhooks don’t work in that way. Webhook triggers external server API. But your case requires to show data from external service in Blynk App. That’s mean that those external service should have webhooks. Blynk has HTTP API. And you can use it in order to put value in widget from the external service.