Request - LCD Widget upgrade to optional 20x4

At first I generally used the LCD widget as a novelty… but it is actually a nice display option… but I feel it could benefit from a few changes.

Would it be possible to get your secret facility in China to make a toggleable option in the setting; To switch between the existing 16x2 and a new 20x4 size?.. to match some of the common physical formats.

And also, I think giving that widget the ability to scale a bit would also be nice… but admittedly probably a bit harder to account for the “font” size… perhaps just a half size (ok, technically 1/4) option? It would make for better desktop real estate.


I support you 110% on this! And sooner is better :smile:

My next project will most most likely be a small scoreboard to be used when shooting pool. Why not try to “Blynk it” I thought! A bit more difficult I suppose, but it could be fun :slight_smile:

Support for 2x20 and 4x20 would be a nice addition!