Reports generated by automation?

Reports at a certain time basis are quite often requested by customers, however, today, we cannot set Blynk to generate it automatically for i.e. Monthly. I was wondering if the current automation architecture would be a solution for this feature as well?

This is something we plan for 2023


@Pavel any update about this feature? Does it still planned for 2023?

Yes, this is in the plans for 2023

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Any update to the PRO users about this need? this is something very important to our customers… below is what they are claiming today:

  • They have only 1 month of raw data
  • And on top of that, if they miss to generate the report in the last day of the month, in the right time, they quite often lost some important data of the “Month Report” from the solution we sell…

So this would be fixed if we can offer them an automatic way of do that…

any ETA to implement that improvement?

Any update on this feature?

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