Report widget with local server

I have a problem with Local server + Report widget combo.
It is working but the URL of download link is bad. It is with local ip address not with publick address.
Iam using a server with VMs. The network is looks like Internet->myhost(pub ip)->VM(blynk server/local_ip)
The connection with mobile app working good over internet with publick ip (portforward etc…)
Problem only with Reports download URL. There are any option to customize the URL ?

@Dmitriy ? I have been digging through my Local but as of yet unable to determine if this is possible or not for the OP

The emailed link address shows (on mine) as:

@xoren Hello, could be fixed with property in server.porperties

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Yep, that works perfectly… never used that section so had no idea what it did :blush:

@xoren In my case I had already setup a DNS redirection service for use in my App, so I used that URL instead of my WAN IP.

Either way, it appears all you need to enter is the URL or IP, no port as the server will inject 8080 automatically.