Report generation using blynk app

I am using blynk app to generate report. I have almost 50 variables. I would like to save the data into report for every 15 min days. I found only single/3 parameter being saved w. R. T time. How could I achieve other 49 variables

I have attached output csv file JPEG format. How can make all variable

  1. Is it possible to change data Interpretation method writing into excel sheet.currently its writing in row.
    i would like to create common paramter name in each column below which i should able to write newly updated data w.r.t
    2)Is it possible to get old data written? where the old data being saved?
    3)how many days server could able to save the data?

I have attached variable list here. Report I got final saved data like below in csv file. There is no more parameter.

Hello. Right now we store only the data that is assigned on pins of the SuperChart. In other words - you need superchart with pins you need in the reports.

Yes. Checkout one-time report.

It depends on granularity of the data.

Yes. Whatever chart I m displaying it only recorded in data. How can I view other permeters.can I change parameter of saving.