Reorder posibility of tabs in Tab widget

It will be great to add custom reorder posibility to tabs in TAB widget like in segmented Switch where able to move segments. It’s very uncomfortable to drag all widgets from one tab to another when need to add a new tab to beginning.

Unless you’re still on old-style tabs, you should be able to reorder tabs in Tabs Settings.

What does it mean “old-style” tabs?

In earlier versions of the iOS app, tabs could be positioned anywhere on the screen, and you were limited to just 4 tabs.
Now, with new style tabs they have to be at the top of the screen and you can have up to 10 tabs.

If you created an old style of tabs in an earlier version then there is a way to convert it to new style, but as you’ve only been a forum member for 2 days then maybe that isn’t the case.

The user interface for editing tabs is slightly different to the UI for the segmented switch, and maybe that’s confusing you,
The segmented switch UI has a square at the right hand side and that is used to drag the switch options into a new sequence.

The Tabs UI has no square at the right hand side, you simply drag the tab name to a different location.
Note that if you don’t add your own names to the tabs, and leave the Tab 1, Tab 2, Tab 3 names then these will always re-name themselves into 1,2,3 sequence, so it will appear the the re-ordering has been unsuccessful.

If you’re still struggling with this then you should share information about which app O/S and version you’re using, when you created the tabs, and include some screenshots of the tab widget in edit mode.


i’m using Android 9…
blynk app version: 2.27.11

And what happens if you put your thumb on one of those tab names and drag it to a different position in the list?


Nothing on Android. :frowning:

Same problem with Blynk app V.27.12 and Android V6.0.1

Why the status of this topic has changed to SOLVED - how it was solved?

Apparently this was never implemented on Android. My mistake. I put back the Widget Ideas tag

Wow! Something we have in iOS that the Androidites don’t! :open_mouth:


Is there any hope that this feature will be done on android devices?

That depends on if @BlynkAndroidDev finds it as an easy and quick task. Not a priority for sure.

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it would be great :ok_hand: !

Currently, no features are being developed for this version of Blynk due to the work on the next version of the platform. Once Blynk 2.0 is released, old version will be only supported, but not developed further.